Platform Adventure

Space Quest - Xbox, PS2



- The world of Space Quest was composed of several hub/spoke layouts; each with their own unique theme. The hub level itself consisted of a "primary objective" while the spoke levels generally consisted of several secondary objectives. The hub/spoke system was ideal for several reasons; it allowed for the reuse of assets, promoted a non-linear, exploratory style of play, and clearly presented a series of goals and objectives to the player.


- Each link to the right begins a series of captioned images that walk you through the level design for the planet "Yarg". This planet consisted of two "hubs" and several spoke levels. The presentation is linear and is best viewed from beginning to end, starting with the "main hub".


- The icon refers to time value associated with a video clip from the game. The clip can be found HERE.


- Have a look at the creatures page to see the characters that I designed for Space Quest.



Production Notes


- Using the Unreal technology, the levels for Space Quest were largely designed and constructed by the design team with content creation and visual direction from the artists. It was an excellent use of a technology that many considered to be a "first person shooter" engine. However, because of the proprietary toolset (Unreal Editor), this project followed a production pipeline commonly seen with "first person shooter" developers at the time.


- Unfortunately, funding was cut and this great little game hadn't shipped.



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